3 Reasons Why You Have To Refinish Your Tub In San Diego

September 15, 2022 in Near Me

3 Reasons Why You Have To Refinish Your Tub In San Diego

3 Reasons Why You Have To Refinish Your Tub

3 Reasons Why You Have To Refinish Your Tub In San Diego

3 Reasons Why You Have To Refinish Your Tub

Bathtub refinishing primarily refers to bathtub restoration, and for Americans, the White Tub Refinishing Company offers the best bathtub refinishing services close to you. We also offer thorough tub reglazing as part of our services. 

People choose to refinish their bathtubs rather than remove them for a variety of reasons, including cost-effectiveness and time and labor savings. Refinishing also enables you to renovate and paint your bathroom. 

Here are several justifications for thinking about tub refinishing. 

  1. Adapting Your Appearance 

Many people have the misconception that the only way to completely refurbish a bathroom is to replace the tub. This is untrue, though, as bathtub resurfacing may alter the entire appearance and feel of a tub. 

  1. Protecting Against Lead Poisoning 

As is the case with the majority of things on earth, after some time of use, their quality and appearance start to decline. This occurs, for instance, with bathtubs when they gradually lose their gloss, crack and become porous, and start to rust. 

If not appropriately addressed, rusting in this scenario could pose a health risk to you and your loved ones. Now, don’t freak out. This does not imply that you must spend more than $1,000 to have a new bathtub fitted, as refinishing can also solve this issue for you. 

  1. Refinishing Is Less Troublesome

Many people are unaware that replacing your complete bathtub necessitates more effort and materials in order to be done properly. When replacing a bathtub, you must first remove the outdated model, a process that frequently results in damage to the nearby tiles and plumbing. 

In some circumstances, removal may not be possible without completely tearing down or removing portions of your bathroom’s walls, which will use up additional resources. Additionally, you will have to deal with having several people stay in your house for an extended amount of time, which is an additional inconvenience. 


Why Is It Necessary To Resurface A Bathtub? 

Reglazing is a good alternative if your current bathtub is in generally good condition but has minor stains, scratches, or other surface flaws. It works well with several styles of bathtubs as well. 

How Often Should A Bathtub Be Refinished? 

Then, any rust spots, fractures, chips, or holes are fixed. A sealer, several coats of coating, and a primer are then applied. The finish on the bathtub should last between one and three days and for 10-15 years. 

How Long Does It Take For A Tub To Dry After Being Refinished? 

After the process is complete, a reglazed tub is typically ready for use 48 to 72 hours afterward. However, some restoration businesses employ products that dry quickly and are usable in just 24 hours. Some companies can even provide you a 4-hour cure treatment so you may use your tub the same day.

Finally, we at the White Tub Refinishing Company guarantee the best outcomes in terms of the provision of products and client service. All of our subcontractors and staff members are professionals with years of specialized experience.


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