Jacuzzi Reglazing And Refinishing San Diego

A Jacuzzi tub, sometimes called a whirlpool tub, spa, or jetted tub, transforms a regular bathroom into a wonderfully opulent and relaxing environment to rest and decompress from daily pressures. After a stressful day, nothing compares to relaxing in warm water and finally catching a glimpse of bubbles. 

But over time, you grow to lose interest in the Jacuzzi we installed with all of our heart just because it is beginning to show signs of wear. Your jetted spa tub appears even worse with its fractures, stains, corrosion, chips, and damages. It might not be as inviting due to the faded color. 

It makes no sense to replace the entire tub if your bathtub has drainage and ventilation issues, especially if it is functioning well and only appears antiquated. 

On the other hand, Jacuzzi reglazing is a more practical and affordable alternative than replacement. During this procedure, we recoat your tub. Don’t worry if it’s your first time or if you’re unsure of how to do it. You’ve arrived at the proper location. 

It could be difficult to completely refinish the surface of a spa tub with all the jets attached. But contacting the best experts, like us, for Jacuzzi restoration is something you could have overlooked but is actually extremely straightforward.

Why Choose White Tub Refinishing?

With more than 10,000 satisfied customers, White Tub Refinishing has been providing services to San Diego for more than ten years. In addition to offering homes high-quality reglazing and refinishing services, we also believe in doing so reasonably and safely.

Why Jacuzzi Reglazing And Not Replacing?

A new Jacuzzi is unquestionably expensive, making it difficult for many people to acquire one. Even if you are able to purchase one, the time it takes to replace it entirely is excessive. Therefore, the Jacuzzi reglazing is superior in every way.

Benefits Of Jacuzzi Reglazing With Us

Thanks to the perfection of our Jacuzzi reglazing services, you won’t be able to tell the difference between a refinished bathtub and a brand-new one. When you restore the glossy, smooth surface to your bathtub, cleaning it will be simple. With the right maintenance and care, bathtub refinishing can easily last ten years. You can have years of peace of mind as your tub will be refinished.

  • Get Smooth Jacuzzis
  • Restore glossy finish back
  • Slip-resistant surface
  • Low Maintenance
  • Savings up to 70%
  • Eco-friendly Coatings
  • Reglazing done in 24 Hours
  • Experienced staff

How Is Jacuzzi Reglazing Done?

Jacuzzi tubs are typically made of acrylic or gel-coat materials, which with time become damaged and lose their strength. By using Jacuzzi restoration services, you may quickly revive your whirlpool tub. You might spare yourself hundreds of dollars in replacement costs. 


Step 1

To seal the coating behind the jets, we must remove the escutcheon plates across them or unscrew them as necessary. It secures the coating and gives off a simple, refined appearance.

Step 2

The tub's size is another crucial factor. We pick knowledgeable refinishers who can easily access the tub's nooks and crannies.

Step 3

Another important factor is the bathroom's size. We might need extra material and more time to protect your room from overspray.

Our specialists are skilled at refinishing jetted bathtubs without blocking or harming the surface. They’ll make your bathtub appear lustrous. You can keep the tub’s value and appearance for a longer period of time while the jets are functioning properly. The treatment can be finished in about 24 hours, which is the nicest part. We only need an additional four hours to cure the new coating. While replacement takes many days or weeks, you may have your jetted tub ready in a single day.

Find How Much Does Jacuzzi Refinishing Cost

The size and condition of your Jacuzzi will determine how much it will actually cost to refinish it. We are unable to estimate the correct cost of Jacuzzi tub refinishing without knowing these criteria. The degree of damage, size, and other circumstances are some of the elements that affect tub refinishing costs. 

One thing you should think about while reglazing your Jacuzzi is the cost of replacement versus refinishing. You must consider the size of the bathroom in addition to purchasing a new Jacuzzi tub to make sure it will fit in the room. Include the price of new heating and pumping components, the deconstruction and removal of the old tub, the installation of the new tub, and the cost of reworking the plumbing, flow, and walls to accommodate the new arrangement. Adding these expenses makes it very easy for the cost to balloon quickly. Reglazing, on the other hand, allows you to achieve a brand-new appearance at a fraction of the replacement price. 

Send us emails with crisp, clear pictures of your bathtub, or let us come to your house for a free quote. With your unique demands in mind, we will provide you with an estimate for a larger or damaged Jacuzzi. Call White Tub Refinishing today for tub refinishing services.

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Before And After Jacuzzi Reglazing

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Through jacuzzi refinishing, we assist you in getting rid of a variety of stains, including water stains, rust stains, mold, mildew, and hair dye stains.