Shower Refinishing In San Diego

Your shower and tiles can be restored, reglazed, recolored, resurfaced, and repaired on the spot with White Tub Refinishing! There will be no mess or debris because our crew is incredibly effective. We are skilled at even something as straightforward as changing the color of your shower! A cracked tile or chipped corner is no longer a huge concern, and our professionals can quickly fix it! White Tub Refinishing offers high-quality service with years of experience and professionals on our team.

Do you no longer enjoy the outdated tiles in your shower? Do you detest taking showers there? Is it stained, scraped, chipped, broken, or otherwise difficult to maintain? Do you urgently need to update your shower? Would you agree that the cost of replacing the entire shower is too high?

Shower Refinishing In San Diego

Quality Tile Refinishing Guaranteed

Our services are unmatched because we use premium materials and have a long-term warranty. All our staff members are skilled in resurfacing, restoring, and reglazing any surface and are trained professionals. Formica, metals, glass, plastic, wood, grout, fiberglass, laminate, and porcelain are some of the surfaces we work with. 

Despite thorough washing, do the black dots between the tiles persist? Despite your best efforts to scrub, does it still feel dirty? Our top-notch finishes make your old shower shine like new, increasing the value of your home and simplifying routine cleanings. 

White Tub Refinishing (San Diego, CA) is a business with the necessary licenses, bonds, and insurance. Our good ratings on trusted recommendation networks are attested to our reasonable costs and expert resurfacing treatments. Our work speaks for itself; look at our Before and After collection of refinished surfaces. Thanks to our extensive warranty, customers can feel secure knowing they are dealing with the best. Our certified and experienced staff members are skilled in handling various finishes.

Care Instructions

Please wait 48 hours before using the newly reglazed surfaces. Avoid using substances like Comet or Ajax that are corrosive or abrasive. Use a common home cleanser that is mild. If you have inquiries about your freshly refinished bathtub, our customer care is always here to help. 

Additionally, we provide a non-slip shower bottom; the polymer particle sheet may be added without additional cost when reglazing the shower. Don’t forget to request yours from our specialists!