Tile Refinishing In San Diego

Due to all of its many benefits, tile refinishing is currently a very common choice among investors and homeowners. Despite the robust materials they are built of, tiles are subject to numerous environmental influences, and with time, they may begin to significantly deteriorate. Discoloration, chips, cracks, scratches, missing grout, mold, and mildew are some typical indications of tile aging. 

Tiles are typically one of the key worries when individuals need to start considering what to do to remodel the bathroom. Most people believe that the only option is a replacement, and in some situations, those who cannot afford pricey repairs choose to leave them in their current condition (ugly, dated, cracked, etc.). 

They will have to put up with weeks of noise, dust, debris, and a long list of inconveniences and headaches, even if they have deep enough pockets to spend their money on replacing their bathtub and tiles.

Tile Refinishing In San Diego

Tile Refinishing Is Always A Much Wiser Choice

The tile refinishing local authority in San Diego, White Tub Refinishing, presents you with a far more sensible choice. For a small portion of the replacement price, our crew can quickly restore the backsplash tiles in your kitchen or bathroom (usually 75 percent less). 

Our highly skilled technicians will repair any damaged tiles as part of the tile refinishing process, clean the surface with potent acids, apply a polymer primer to act as a bonding agent, and then spray the tiles with a polyurethane coating that is specifically designed to create a hard and durable shell over your tiles and grout. 

You won’t have to worry about mold or mildew in your grout since it will be totally sealed when you refinish tile, a technique also known as tile reglazing or tile resurfacing. The tiles may have previously been painted or resurfaced, in which case we will likely need to remove all of the old paint to ensure appropriate adherence and a lasting outcome. 

Since ceramic tiles are typically used indoors, the process is also known as ceramic tile refinishing, ceramic tile reglazing, or ceramic tile resurfacing in those situations. When those ceramic tiles are installed in bathrooms, the process is then known as bathroom tile refinishing or bathroom tile reglazing.

The Most Advanced Products For Your Tile Refinishing Project In San Diego

Because our procedure is so much superior to most of our rivals’, we are one of the most reputable companies for bathroom refinishing. We do not reglaze the tiles using paints or homemade products. We prefer to employ the most cutting-edge goods on the market, namely polymers that have been developed for this process. For greater resistance and toughness, they bind at the molecular level. This will produce a much better outcome, a project of much greater quality and longevity when paired with our professionals’ experience and attention to detail. 

Additionally, White Tub Refinishing makes use of cutting-edge tools and premium materials. All of our work is fully guaranteed, and we provide an excellent warranty. With a small investment, our staff can make your room a lot nicer and raise the value of your home.

Do the ugly tiles in your bathroom deter you from using the space? Does the color have significant fading and wear?

Tile Refinishing

The walls and tiles in bathrooms erode over time. Tiles are susceptible to breaking, cracking, and even becoming soiled, scraped, discoloured, and hard to clean. At first, a complete tile replacement was the solution to your issue. However, due to the pricey treatment, many consumers choose to live with a boring bathroom. 

Never fear, White Tub Refinishing has the solution to your issue! We can repair, resurface, refinish, reglaze, and recolor any tile or wall surface for a small fraction of the price of replacement! The best thing, though? For our experts, it’s a clean job with no downtime! 

Don’t worry if you accidentally shatter or crack a tile. It’s a simple task for our professionals at White Tub Refinishing. Your bathroom will be changed into one of your dreams with wonderful skill! Not a fan of the color? We have specialists in recoloring. Dislike the black substance in between the tiles or the tiles themselves? We have a skilled crew that can transform the bathroom completely new. White Tub Refinishing Coating provides the greatest services in town, and we offer reglazing and refinishing for any type of tile, whether it’s in a bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, or anywhere else.

Quality Tile Workmanship Guaranteed

White Tub Refinishing (San Diego, CA) is a business with the necessary licenses, bonds, and insurance. Our good ratings on trusted recommendation networks are attested to our reasonable costs and expert resurfacing treatments. See the refinished tiles and walls in our Before and After gallery; the quality of our work speaks for itself. Thanks to our extensive warranty, customers can feel secure knowing they are dealing with the best. Your bathroom will become an architectural marvel thanks to the skills of our professional and experienced staff in working with a wide range of finishes!

Care Instructions

Please wait 48 hours before using the newly reglazed surfaces. Avoid using substances like Comet or Ajax that are corrosive or abrasive. Use a common home cleanser that is mild. If you have any inquiries about your freshly refinished bathtub, our customer care is always here to help. 

Additionally, we provide a non-slip shower bottom; the polymer particle sheet may be added without additional cost when reglazing the shower. Don’t forget to request yours from our specialists! 

Contact our professionals today for a free consultation and price estimate on your upcoming bathroom project!