Hotel Bath & Shower Refinishing In San Diego

The bathtub, shower, sink, and bathroom tiles have all been refinished by White Tub Refinishing on large hotel renovation projects for regional and international chains. A three-year warranty is offered with all of our refinishing treatments. We may give you a list of our business clients in the hospitality sector as references upon request.

Our Complete Range Of Services

For your hotel, we provide a full range of bathroom resurfacing services. For example, spot repairs, custom color blending, and non-slip safe surfaces for your bathtub and shower combo. Our refinishers can all repair bathroom sinks, vanity tops, bathtubs, showers, and tile if they have corrosion, holes, chipped finishes, cracks, or minor surface damage. We repair bathtubs, sinks, and showers, so they sparkle once more. Even better, compared to the cost of replacing the bathtub or shower in the bathroom, we may save you up to 75% to 90%. Compared to remodeling, refinishing your bathroom will result in a better-looking space with less effort. 

We can also custom-match the paint deck color to finish the bathtub’s shower, sink, or tiles. While we work on your bathroom and kitchen, if you’d like, we can even change the color of your bathroom tiles. By lowering the likelihood that visitors to your hotel will slip and fall on the shower or bathtub floor, we can install a non-slip solution for their enhanced safety.

Hotel Bathroom Walk-In Step Conversion

For hotels that host a large number of senior citizens and handicapped visitors, we may contribute to improving impaired access and handicapped safety. Our company offers walk-in tub conversions to help increase disabled and handicapped access to the bathroom. We have more details regarding our walk-in bathtub conversion services if you want to know more.

Improve The Look Of The Hotel Bathroom

Refinishing The Hotel Bathtub And Shower

Thousands of visitors use the hotel’s baths and showers. The hotel must ensure that all its bathtubs and showers are aesthetically pleasing and hygienic for all its visitors to leave a good and lasting impression. Even the most worn-out hotel bathtubs and showers are given a magnificent shine by White Tub Refinishing’s bathtub and shower refinishing services, extending their protection from regular use’s ugly wear and tear. 

A professional remedy for damaged, cracked, and rusted surfaces, worn-out enamel, and aftermarket coating that has become yellow is bathroom refinishing. Your hotel bathtub will seem brand-new once again, thanks to White Tub Refinishing’s skilled bathtub refinishing services, saving you money on pricey renovations.

The Bathtub Refinishing Process

Before applying a bonding agent and primer to the surface, we first mask off the work area, remove any hardware, remove the previous finish, clean surfaces with a deep-cleaning solution, and repair the tub and sand surfaces. After the primer has been used and cured, a topcoat is used. Once the finish has dry, all masking tape and paper must be removed. Finally, the bathtub’s bottom can optionally be coated with a non-slip material. After the finish has dry and set for 24 hours, the tubs are ready for use. 

The tub will withstand deterioration for many years, thanks to the refinishing procedure.

Adding A Custom Color

While we are refinishing the bathtub or shower, we can apply a custom color if you would like. Simply select your chosen color wheel and provide us with the color number and name. So that we can use the special color when we perform the refinishing operation, please let us know in advance. If you prefer, we may give the tiles in your bathroom a granite-like finish; you can pick from various hues and textures. You only need to select the pattern you want and let us know in advance so we can complete the work, just like our custom colors.

Shower Refinishing

Your current hotel showers will look better after going through the White Tub Refinishing refinishing, re-glazing, and restoration procedure. The most cost-effective method of refinishing the shower pans, tubs, and shower stalls at a hotel is shower refinishing. Any necessary spot and shower tile repairs are also part of our refinishing services. White Tub Refinishing can expertly apply the plumber’s cut-out patches on damaged areas.

The Process

Similar to how the bathtub repair process begins, so do our shower refinishing services. Any previous coating on shower pans is removed, and the work area is chemically cleaned with a deep cleaning solution. Shower pans and/or tiled surfaces receive any required repairs. A bonding agent is applied, and the surface is prepared before the finish. The surface of the shower pan will be finished by applying a top coat. If necessary, White Tub Refinishing may also refinish the shower’s tiles. The entire procedure should only take 3 to 5 hours to complete, after which the bathroom won’t be ready for use for 24 to 48 hours as the finish dries and cures. 

Once the task is finished, the masking tape and paper are taken off. The shower doors can be taken out before work begins and put back in when the work is finished. To increase shower safety, our refinishers can treat the shower pan’s floor with a non-slip material. Other treatments provided by White Tub Refinishing include a fresh drain liner and shower pan non-slip solutions. After work is finished, the shower stalls will appear brand-new, and your bathroom shower will be operational once more with little downtime. White Tub Refinishing knows that a hotel room can never be unoccupied for more than 24 hours at once.

Environmentally Friendly

We try our hardest to be as environmentally friendly as we can at White Tub Refinishing. By restoring, repairing, and refinishing bathtubs, showers, and tiling while utilizing eco-friendly materials and procedures, we proactively work to lessen our carbon footprint. Refinishing is an excellent approach to help you save money and be environmentally responsible at the same time. Compared to the cost of replacing the hotel bathtub and shower, we can help you save up to 75 to 90 percent. Then we will hallway our construction debris. After the finish has dried and set for 24 hours, your bathroom will be usable.

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White Tub Refinishing has more than 34 years of experience in the bathtub and shower refinishing business. Our team of refinishers is prepared to provide you with the best bathtub refinishing services. No matter what part of your bathroom you want refinished, restored, or repaired, our staff has the expertise to carry it out with care and precision. Call our skilled team at (619) 777-5724 to receive a free estimate for your hotel’s methodical and expert bathtub refinishing services.

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