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Homes With Beautiful Bathrooms And Kitchens Are More Likely To Sell, And At Higher Closing Price!

Consider the advantages of renovating your kitchen countertops, sinks, and bathtubs before putting your house or other real estate property up for sale. Home buyers browse hundreds of web listings in today’s market, as you may already be aware. They will form their initial opinion based on the interior design photographs they view online. Therefore, making sure the bathroom and kitchen interiors look their best is vitally essential for home sellers and real estate brokers. Consider using our expert refinishing services if you plan to sell your house. Our cost-effective resurfacing solutions have helped homeowners and real estate professionals increase property sales for over 30 years. 

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Bathtub Refinishing Can Save You 75% To 90% On Cost Compared To Replacement

Although most people know that “bathroom remodeling” is a service, many continue to be unaware that refinishing is significantly more convenient and economical. Our primary service as experts in bathtub refinishing is restoring your current tub or shower enclosure. We don’t install or replace bathtubs. This is fantastic news since we can refinish your current bathtubs, showers, or sinks at a far lower price. There is also no construction waste generated because we are not tearing anything out or performing any removal. Therefore, refinishing is far more environmentally friendly compared to other remodelling methods. Time is also saved. A typical refinishing job takes between 3 and 5 hours to complete on average, and the bathtub or sink can be used again after another 24 hours.

Kitchen Sinks And Countertops

Buyers can quickly judge how the kitchen appears while inspecting homes in person or online, depending on the state of the countertops. A brand-new marble or granite countertop will stand out. However, did you realize installing completely new kitchen counters may be extremely expensive? Since most households can easily afford it, we also provide kitchen countertop refinishing. It can be a very difficult procedure to list your house for sale. But with our assistance, you can make it a lot simpler. For your upcoming kitchen or bathroom refinishing job, request a free estimate. Before submitting a bid, our helpful professionals will ask you to provide us with a few pictures of the damaged fixture.

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Our Refinishing Can Repair:

  • Holes, dents, peeling
  • Rusted overflow
  • Rusted bathtubs
  • Cracked or chipped tiles
  • Faded colors, discoloration
  • Grime build-up along corners and edges
  • Worn down, dull or non-smooth feel leading to buildup of grime

Additional Services:

  • Non-Slip surface coating on bathtubs and shower pan floors
  • SafetyStep Walk-in Bathtub for Seniors or Handicap
  • Full shower stall repainting
  • Complete countertop refinishing with color customization
  • Custom color-matching or new color for refinished bathtubs
  • Porcelain, Ceramic, or Fiberglass tub/shower reglazing
  •  Large jacuzzi or hot tub refinishing

Industry Leadership

White Tub Refinishing adheres to the tightest safety regulations as an industry leader. For instance, we employ a paint remover without methylene chloride. The high-quality coatings and bathtub refinishing materials we employ are all made in the USA and adhere to EPA and FDA regulations. After a 4 to 24-hour curing procedure, these materials are likewise classified as low VOC. Our refinishing business has kept its BBB A+ certification and continuous 5-star client ratings from reliable sources by adhering to best practices and safety procedures.

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