3 Ways To Make An Old Tub Look New In San Diego

September 22, 2022 in Near Me

3 Ways To Make An Old Tub Look New In San Diego

3 Ways To Make An Old Tub Look New San Diego

3 Ways To Make An Old Tub Look New In San Diego

3 Ways To Make An Old Tub Look New San Diego If you are reading this, it is likely that you are looking for a solution to restore the shine to your bathtub. You could have to deal with a rusted or discolored tub. Or maybe you’re sick of the matte, worn-out appearance. Whatever the cause, you ought to be aware that you have a range of choices. Replace the outdated tub or, even better, have it reglazed to restore the luster to your bathroom. 
  • Benefits Of Bathtub Reglazing 

When you can just have the bathtub reglazed in a few hours, why would you want to spend so much money on a replacement? Our specialist removes the outdated coating and applies a fresh one during the refurbishing procedure. Your tub’s surface will appear brand new after the new glaze has had time to dry (around seven days). It’s important to note that during the reglazing procedure, our professional will also fix all the chips, cracks, and dents. 
  • Replace Not, Reglaze! 

Resurfacing a tub is not only less expensive than replacing it, but it is also more environmentally friendly. Your old, worn-out tub’s lifespan could be extended by up to 15 years by our team (if you follow our cleaning advice and maintenance tips). And keep in mind that once our professional has completed the resurfacing process, the tub will appear to be brand new. 
  • An Introduction To DIY Refinishing Kits 

We are aware that there are many DIY reglazing kits available. They’re also reasonably priced. We constantly caution homeowners against using them, though. This is due to a number of factors. First off, since you’ve never reglazed before, you won’t be able to perform a good job with a DIY kit. Second, use harmful chemicals during refinishing (our experts wear respirators, for example). Why would you wish to endanger your own and your loved ones’ health? Third, a do-it-yourself solution will never hold up over time. In just one or two years, the coating will start to degrade and flake off. 


How Can An Outdated Bathtub Look More Contemporary? 

(1) Add some decorative touches to the bathtub’s side.  (2) Your claw-foot tub’s outside should be painted.  (3) Re-seal your tub and replace any outdated caulk.  (4) Retiling the area around your tub. 

How Should An Ancient Bathtub Be Cleaned? 

Twelve cups of bleach should be added to around 1 gallon of water. Apply the bleach and water mixture to the tub’s surface using a sponge, then wait five minutes. Scrub the area with the sponge after five minutes, paying close attention to the more difficult spots. Use cold water to rinse the tub, being careful not to splash any bleach. 

How Much Time Does A Bathtub Replacement Take? 

Depending on how simple (or difficult) it is to get the old tub out and put the new tub in, the time required to replace a bathtub can be anywhere from 6 to 25 hours. Expect it to take about 18 hours on average. Our expert reglazing solution can last up to 15 years. You should anticipate using your gleaming bathtub for at least eight more years. Please contact us at White Tub Refinishing if you require any additional details.


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