Spa Hot Tub Refinishing And Fiberglass Pool Refinishing In San Diego

Spa restoration may restore your beloved hot tub into your preferred place to unwind. Refinishing is a considerably less expensive option for replacement if your jacuzzi or spa tub has faded or discolored due to the chemicals and high temperatures required to maintain the hot tub. 

Take a close look at the surface of an old fiberglass spa or hot tub. The fibreglass surface shell has been damaged if there are any hollow areas, chips, or cracks. If you don’t deal with the issue immediately, it will worsen. 

Traditional spa and hot tub surfaces can become harmed by a variety of factors, including: 

  • Incorrect water chemistry: Ensure that you use a test kit to check the amounts of stabilizer and calcium. 
  • Uselessness: Don’t leave your pool unattended. When a pool is empty, it is very harmful to expose it to the sun. 
  • Age: Since new plaster finishes only last about 12 years, other solutions (like fiberglass) are becoming increasingly popular. But even fiberglass might suffer deterioration over time. 

Your spa still has a chance to be restored, no matter how bad it now is! Prior to reglazing your hot tub or spa, our professionals can handle any necessary structural and surface repairs. 

White Tub Refinishing have the best methods and applications for resurfacing your spa, regardless of whether the hot tub needs to be made of fiberglass or acrylic. Not all applications for hot tub refinishing available today can endure the heat and ongoing water contact. We use a tried-and-true high gloss finish for our spa refinishing, which is perfect for use below the water line.

Fiberglass Pool Refinishing

Additionally, we provide fiberglass swimming pool resurfacing and repair services. We Restore Old, Tired Fiberglass Pools and Spas to Their Former Glory. Superior resistance to stains, algae, and discolouration is offered by fiberglass. The best material for pool resurfacing is fiberglass. 

White Tub Refinishing is an expert in resurfacing residential and commercial swimming pools using fiberglass. Commercial buildings, amusement parks, apartment complex pools, hotels, resorts, military bases, schools, and college and university swimming pools. 

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