Fiberglass Pool Repairs San Diego

Swimming pools are a great way to spend time with the family and keep cool. Pools do, however, occasionally fracture. Plaster pools, concrete pools, gunite pools, and fiberglass pools can all crack for various reasons, including ground movement brought on by drought, seismic activity (such as earthquakes), poor pool draining, and structural flaws. And pools frequently leak as a result of these flaws. Due to its longevity and resilience, fiberglass is a great choice for fixing broken pools. We can assist if you have a cracked pre-manufactured fibreglass pool, a plaster pool that had fiberglass resurfaced previously and now has a crack, or a vinyl liner pool that was converted to fiberglass but now has a crack. Your outdated pool can be given new life thanks to our expert fiberglass repairs! Our offerings consist of: 

  • Repairs to fiberglass liners that previous contractors have put in. 
  • Restore a delaminated fiberglass surface. 
  • Repair existing fiberglass shell or liner cracks. 

Our fiberglass repairs are expertly done, and frequently, they are quite difficult to notice. Ask us how we can fix your pool if you want! Call White Tub Refinishing for tub refinishing service.