Why Choose White Tub Refinishing In San Diego?

Why Do Bathtub RefinishingWhen selecting a reglazing or refinishing business

Save Your Money And Property

Excellent pricing for glazing

To have your bathtub reglazed—or any other household item, including tile refinishing or sink restoration—you would anticipate paying a hefty sum of money, but not with us.

Not Replace, But Reglaze

You are aware of how expensive it may be to replace your current fixtures if you have ever thought about doing so. With typical construction or remodeling, you should also plan on going days or even weeks without using your restroom.

Not so with White Tub Refinishing: as standard service, your newly refinished bathtub or tile is available to use in 48 hours; if you prefer, it will be ready in 24 hours. For those that need a quick turnaround and/or have a tight budget, our service is ideal.

Windows Warranty

A 5-year limited warranty against peeling, blistering, or warping is offered on all of our reglazed surfaces. Given that it is extremely improbable that any of these issues would occur, White Tub Refinishing will fix them for free as long as the care and upkeep guidelines have been followed. Visit our 5-year warranty page by clicking here.

Materials And Tools For Refinishing

Only the best tools and materials are employed by us.

Due to the premium materials used to create our glaze, we are able to provide a 5-year limited warranty.

Quick And Secure Service

Due to lower levels of volatile organic compounds (VOC) than other products that produce less pollution and the complete absence of free isocyanates, our reglazing materials are less damaging to the environment (a known carcinogen).

Even though the typical dry time is 48 hours, we can shorten it. We can provide you with drying options that last 24 hours or even 3 hours.

Quality Is Essential

We exclusively employ the most effective High Volume/Low-Pressure spray technology, which doesn’t produce extraneous air pollution or overspray that flows back onto newly reglazed sections like some other spray technology may.

We bring a portable exhaust ventilation equipment, also known as a fume extractor system, to every job site in order to vent the fumes outside while spraying. We don’t use outdated technology, epoxy coatings, or automotive paint in our approach. Before reglazing, we meticulously clean the surface and eliminate any fumes using the proper ventilation equipment.

Years Of Validated Refinishing Knowledge

White Tub Refinishing has been providing residential and business customers in Southern California with dazzling new bathtubs, tiling, and other porcelain fixtures for nearly 20 years. The excellence and beauty of the White Tub Refinishing system are already well-known to many families and businesses around Greater San Diego.

Real Jobs, Real Images

All of the pictures you see on our website were actually taken during actual works we have completed. See what we can do by visiting our Jobs Gallery.

Licensed And Insured Fully

White Tub Refinishing has the necessary permits and insurance. Our techs are also employees, not independent contractors. Did you know that if a business you employ to reglaze your bathtub, shower, tile, sink, or countertops makes a mistake, you, the property owner, could be held financially liable? You won’t necessarily pay less just because someone promises you a lesser price. It’s possible that you’ll have to pay far more than you anticipated.

Integrity & Honesty

We will come back to the job site and address the issue if the fixture we reglazed begins to peel on its own during the promised time. We can determine whether and when we performed each task, the environment in which we worked, and—most importantly—the cause of any damage or failure since we keep thorough records of every project. You may rely on us to support our work whenever and however you need us. Numerous clients who have used our services for more than 15 years can attest to the high caliber, dependability, and level of customer service we provide.

Continuity And Responsiveness

We keep appointments with you, show up on time, and provide the service you requested.

To make sure the job is going well, we keep in touch with you as often as necessary.

Very Careful With The Details

Our professionals take great pride in doing a neat, expert reglazing work. They take good care of your property by carefully setting up, covering your possessions with tarps and masking tape, and safeguarding your paper from unwelcome overspray. After finishing their work, they clean up by removing the waste they generated.

Outstanding Customer Service

Our field and office personnel is made up of skilled, seasoned, and kind individuals that manage their contacts in an open and honest manner. Our goal is to fulfill and surpass the expectations of our clients. It’s not unusual for us to go above and above!

Please fill out our online Contact Form if you have any questions about our bathtub reglazing services or any other service provided by White Tub Refinishing. One of our helpful employees will get back to you as soon as possible.