Porcelain Bathtub Refinishing San Diego

Porcelain Bathtub Refinishing – Ideal For Porcelain Tubs That Are Dull Or Hard To Clean!


After 15 to 20 years of regular usage, the original porcelain finish on a porcelain bathtub may become dull, porous, and difficult to maintain. When using abrasive cleaners like Comet or Ajax, the surface might deteriorate even more quickly. Bathtubs made of porcelain can also break or chip easily. 

Porcelain Bathtub Refinishing

Porcelain Bathtub Refinishing – Replacing Or Restoring The Tub?

Any type of porcelain bathtub may be expertly restored with porcelain bathtub refinishing from White Tub Refinishing. Even the vintage but wildly popular claw-foot baths! Any porcelain tub can be changed in color using our procedure to match your decor. Your sole choice is no longer only white! You can save up to 75% on replacement expenses by refinishing a porcelain bathtub, which is a strong argument! When all costs, including removal, dumping, replacement, installation, and labor, are considered, the average porcelain bathtub replacement can cost $3000 or more, according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association! 

Your pitted, porous, chipped, and difficult-to-clean bathtubs can be restored to like-new condition, frequently in only one day, using the porcelain bathtub repair method, which will also save money. Consider how quickly our refinishing specialists can add many more years to the life of your porcelain bathtub without the hassle or expense of replacement!

Porcelain Bathtub Refinishing – What Are The Advantages Of Refinishing?

Most people are unable to distinguish between a refinished tub and a brand-new porcelain tub, thanks to Commercial Bath Refurbishing’s excellent refinishing procedure! Our finishes are long-lasting and available in a range of hues and textures to go with any decor. 

Because only White Tub Refinishing employs a non-acid bonding solution to chemically glue the new surface to your tub, you can be sure that your refinished surface will last. Because of this, we can provide a warranty against adhesion failure on its bathtubs. White Tub Refinishing does the best tub refinishing in San Diego. 

Advantages Of Porcelain Bathtub Refinishing:

  • Much more economical than replacement.
  • Typically only one day to complete the job.
  • No demolition or construction mess.
  • Custom colors available.
  • Like-new look and feel.
  • A green and environmentally safe option
  • Extend the life of the fixture for many more years.