Refinishing Instead Of Replacing The Tiles In San Diego

Tile Refinishing Is A Great Way To Improve Your Bathroom’s Appearance And Save Money

One of the rooms in a house that gets the most use is the bathroom. Because of all the use, bathrooms age more quickly than other rooms in your home. You might want to remodel your bathroom but have put off the work because of the cost if you want to update and redesign your bathroom on a budget without paying for an expensive bathroom renovation project. Contact White Tub Refinishing, your neighborhood surface refinishing company focusing on bathrooms. Our bathtub restoration services enhance your bathroom’s appeal and utility while improving its appearance.

Care And Maintenance For Reglazed Surfaces In San Diego

A Better Way To Fix Tiles

Until recently, replacing the old tiles with new ones was the only way to repair water stains and rust damage. Fortunately, White Tub Refinishing is a fantastic substitute for pricey tiles. To alter your bathroom and increase the value of your home, our skilled and licensed surface refinishers will do stunning bathtub refinishes. Our chemical cleaning processes remove calcium buildup and rust, mildew, and other element-related stains from the surfaces of your tubs. To help spruce up and enhance the aesthetic of your bathroom, select White Tub Refinishing.

Custom Colors And Granite-Like Finishes

If you want to change something about the look of your bathroom tiles, consider giving them a custom color or a granite-like finish as they are being refinished. If you choose a color from their color deck and provide us with the name and number of the color, we can apply a custom color. As we resurface and fix the tiles, we can even give them a granite-like polish if you’d like. You can pick from a variety of hues and textures with us. Choose a pattern, then let us know in advance so that we may apply the color or texture you desire. This is a terrific method to change the appearance of your tile surface.

Affordable Bathroom Upgrades

Our bathtub surface refinishing specialists have the know-how to carry out several services that will restore the fresh appearance of your tub. Since homeowners frequently use the bathroom, refinishing and repair services are crucial. Your bathtub may eventually have rusty spouts, drains, pressure valves, fractured tile, or stained tub pans. Regular maintenance is crucial to keep the bathroom in excellent shape for as long as possible. An ancient house will eventually reach the point where a thorough bathtub surface repair operation is necessary. 

As a result, we may offer our clients some of the following refinishing services: 

  • Tubs should be reglazed, recoated, and restored. 
  • Restore tiled areas. 
  • Fiberglass bathtub pan resurfaced 
  • Bathtub restoration 
  • Restore and clean the tub enclosure. 
  • A chemically clean bathtub 
  • Repair wall-mounted cutouts for plumbers 
  • Fill the tub with drain liners. 
  • Use anti-slip coatings. 
  • Avoid building waste by utilizing green alternatives.
Apartment Bathtub Refinishing

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About bathtub refinishing services, White Tub Refinishing has more than 34 years of experience. Our team of refinishers is prepared to provide you with the best bathtub refinishing services. No matter what area you wish to refinish, restore, or repair, our staff has the expertise to do it with care and precision. Call our skilled team at (691) 777-5724 to receive a free estimate for your hotel’s methodical and expert bathtub refinishing services.

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