Multispec Finish In San Diego

Multispec Finish In San Diego

Do you long for some authentic stone accents in your house or place of business? Perhaps you see granite countertops in place of laminate ones in the kitchen and bathrooms, stone columns in place of concrete ones in your doorway, or some texture on an otherwise plain wall. 

With a gorgeous fake stone finish, Multispec Finish may cover drywall, metal, plastic, concrete, cinderblock, and laminate surfaces to give you a look you desire.

What is Multispec Finish?

Multispec Finish is a unique sort of fake finish that uses discretely blended individual specks of various hues to simulate the depth and texture of natural stone such as granite or quartz. White Tub Refinishing may apply the products with a sprayer for a polished look or a roller for texture, and they come in your choice of color schemes and fleck sizes. 

Why Choose Multispec Finish

Multispec Finish, with its long-lasting, stain-resistant, and simple-to-clean finish, outperforms and outlasts paint or wall paper when done by a qualified contractor like White Tub Refinishing. Multispec Finish can assist you in achieving almost any design objective because it offers products specifically made for interior and exterior use, a variety of low VOC “green” solutions, and a large range of color options. 

The best part is that compared to remodeling with actual stone, using Multispec Finish to change the appearance of your property is far quicker and less expensive.

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