Reglazing Process San Diego

Chemical Cleaning – Stripping – Sanding- The Work Area – Exposed Area

Reglazing Process San Diego

To clean the surface, we apply a specific acid shampoo. Due to frequent and prolonged use, there is a two-step process to remove soap film, oils, and mineral deposits. Additional sanding and specific techniques are used to provide a very clean surface. After cleaning the unit, chips, scratches, and other damage are filled in and restored.

Bonding Agents

The primary objective of a good refinishing job is to have the new coating “stick” to the removed surface (porcelain, tile or fiberglass). We utilize premium American-made agents. The chemical bonding agent that we evaluated provides stronger adhesion and a longer-lasting product for heavy use in any bathroom (residential or commercial). We provide a 1-year craftsmanship warranty to all customers on ceramic tile and porcelain or fiberglass bathtubs since we are convinced the refinish will last for at least 5 to 10 years. We guarantee your safety for three to five years with proper unit maintenance.

Primer Application – Turbine – Pro Cup-Gun HVLP

Titan HVLP spray equipment applies a sophisticated acrylic top coating to provide a strong, long-lasting surface. At 11.5 PSI, the pistol spray mists. Making the tub’s surface supple and smooth. All finishes are offered in high gloss. We use only the most cutting-edge epoxy primer that is PBRA certified. Titan Turbine 95, 105, and 115 and a Pro HVLP sprayer gun for coating application. 

We employ top grip coating, a high-end chemical exclusively used by professionals and authorized contractors, which is constructed of polyurethane. Your sink or bathtub will dry in 24 to 48 hours. Epoxy needs 10 to 14 days to completely cure.

Re-Caulking – Silicone

After the refinishing is complete, the tub is re-caulked. We exclusively work with top-notch silicone.

Non Skid Additive – Anti-Slip System

Customers frequently utilize mats with suction cups. This mat will cause the tub floor’s coating to peel and cause damage. Bath mats are not something we advise utilizing. Before applying the refinish, we can add a non-skid additive to the tub’s base at the customer’s request and expense. Please inform us so we may begin reglazing. Call us at White Tub Refinishing for bathtub refinishing service in San Diego.