3 Techniques For Resurfacing A Tub In San Diego

July 27, 2023 in Near Me

3 Techniques For Resurfacing A Tub In San Diego

3 Techniques For Resurfacing A Tub In San Diego

3 Techniques For Resurfacing A Tub In San Diego

3 Techniques For Resurfacing A Tub In San Diego

If you’re reading this, you probably want to know how to restore the luster to your bathtub. You could have to put up with a tub that is stained or rusted. Or perhaps you’re sick of the matte, aged appearance. Regardless of the cause, you should be aware that you have a number of options. Replace the outdated tub or, even better, have it reglazed to give your bathroom some sparkle again.

  • Benefits Of Tub Resurfacing

When the bathtub can easily be reglazed in a few hours, why would you want to spend so much money on a replacement? Our professional replaces the outdated coating throughout the restoration process. Your tub’s surface will appear brand-new after the new glaze has had time to dry (around seven days). It’s important to keep in mind that our professional will reglaze the surface in addition to fixing any chips, cracks, or dents.

  • Reglaze Just; Don’t Replace

Tub resurfacing is less expensive than replacement and more environmentally friendly. If you adhere to our cleaning suggestions and upkeep guidelines, our experts might be able to extend the lifespan of your old, worn-out tub by up to 15 years. Also keep in mind that after our specialist completes the resurfacing process, the tub will appear to be brand new.

  • A Summary Of DIY Refinishing Kits

We are aware of the widespread availability of DIY reglazing kits. Additionally, they are reasonably priced. However, we consistently encourage homeowners to avoid utilizing them. There are several reasons for this. First off, if you’ve never reglazed before, you can’t do a good job with a DIY kit. Second, use hazardous chemicals when refinishing (our specialists wear respirators, for example). Why would you want to endanger your health as well as the health of the people you care about? Third, a quick remedy won’t hold up over time. In just one or two years, the covering will begin to disintegrate and peel off.


How Can An Old-Fashioned Bathtub Look More Contemporary? 

(1) Add some decorations on the bathtub’s side.

(2) Your clawfoot tub’s outside needs to be painted.

(3) Replace any worn-out caulk and re-seal your bathtub.

Step four involves retiling the area around your tub.

How Do You Clean An Old Bathtub?

Twelve cups of bleach should be dissolved in one gallon of water. Wait five minutes after applying the bleach and water combination to the surface of the tub using a sponge. After five minutes, use the sponge to clean the area, paying specific attention to the regions that are more difficult to reach. Use cold water to rinse the tub, being careful not to spray any bleach.

What Is The Time Frame For A Bathtub Replacement?

Depending on how simple (or difficult) it is to remove the old tub and install the new one, replacing a bathtub can take anywhere from 6 to 25 hours. Expect it to take 18 hours on average.

The lifespan of our expert reglazing solution is 15 years. Before you cease using your beautiful bathtub, at least eight more years should go by. Please contact White Tub Refinishing if you require any other information.


Bathtub reglazing is a cost-effective and efficient way to update the appearance of your bathroom. The process involves several steps, including cleaning, repairing, and applying a new coating to the surface of the tub. Call White Tub Restoration at (619) 777-572 today.

Contact White Tub Refinishing today at (619) 777-5724 to avail of our bathtub services in San Diego, CA.

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