3 Reasons To Reglaze Your Tub In San Diego

September 1, 2022 in Near Me

3 Reasons To Reglaze Your Tub In San Diego

3 Reasons To Reglaze Your Tub In San Diego

3 Reasons To Reglaze Your Tub In San Diego

3 Reasons To Reglaze Your Tub In San Diego Most likely, you’ve heard of expert reglazing services. Reglazing also referred to as tub refinishing, is a reasonably easy operation that is used to bring a bathtub back to its previous splendor. The coating will be entirely removed and changed out for a fresh one.  In the end, refinishing a tub is a quick and easy option to update the appearance of your bathroom. But how can you tell when the tub has to be reglazed? What tells you that your bathtub requires a fresh glaze?  Regularly used tubs frequently have chips all over their surface. Anything that hits the tub’s surface, especially the showerhead, could chip it badly.
  1. Tub Discoloration: Old bathtubs frequently develop stains. The coating is beginning to look worn out. Even worse, the tub can turn grey or brownish-yellow. 
  2. Inability To Clean The Bathtub: This is frequently brought on by the cracked glazing. As time goes on, filth and grime will cling to the tub’s surface and get harder to get off. A dull bathtub will make your bathroom look drab. This cannot be said about your outdated, worn-out tub, though. Perhaps it’s time to make a change. 
  3. Old Bathroom Look: If you recently bought a new house, you might not like what you see in the bathroom because you don’t like the color of the tub. Don’t worry; throughout the reglazing process, our professionals can modify the tub’s color. 

Final Points To Consider 

You may save a lot of money by reglazing a bathtub rather than replacing it while also avoiding having to conduct any construction work on your house. But keep in mind to give the glaze at least a week to cure. You should only use water and a soft sponge to clean the tub during this period. Never use any harsh cleaning agents even after the curing period has ended (or cleaners that contain ammonia). 


Is Reglazing A Tub A Smart Idea? 

Reglazing is a good alternative if your current bathtub is in generally good condition but has minor stains, scratches, or other surface flaws. 

How Long Does A Reglazed Tub Last? 

 To prevent moisture and undesirable agents like mold from eroding your finish and maybe harming your bathtub, continual attention in the form of weekly cleaning and maintenance is necessary. Your reglaze will last 10 to 15 years if you take good care of it. 

How Can You Tell If Your Tub Requires Reglazing? 

1.The finish has one chipped area. If a large object falls into the tub or runs into it, glaze chips may come off.  2 – The color of the tub has changed. 3 – The bathtub isn’t sparkling. 4 – The tub simply won’t get clean. If you heed this advice, your newly coated bathtub should last 7 to 10 more years in immaculate condition. It’s unquestionably preferable to dispose of the tub in a landfill and pay for a replacement (plus installation and waste removal costs). Call White Tub Refinishing today!


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