Preparing For Your Appointment In San Diego

This Is A Checklist To Better Help You Prepare For Your Service Appointment

Preparing For Your Appointment In San Diego

  • Avoid booking appointments with additional vendors on the same day as yours, especially if they must perform work close to the sections that will be reglazed.
  • Most of your apartment's renovation work, including wall and ceiling repairs, painting, floor installation, re-tiling, re-grouting, etc., should be finished before your visit.
  • Make sure the unit has both running water and power. You are responsible for setting up the space with lighting and leaving extension cords already linked to the power supply, whether to a nearby unit or maintenance/laundry room if electricity is not accessible in the unit. Please check that there is a source of water or electricity in the unit before we arrive because we are not responsible for finding one.
  • Make sure there are no leaks in the plumbing of any kind. Every faucet, valve, lever handle, spout, shower head, overflow, and other component should be fixed and leak-free.
  • To guarantee that the surface beneath is completely fixed and reglazed before your new fixtures are installed, it is recommended to remove any shower doors, tracks, faucets, spouts, or overflows before your appointment. For a modest price, we can get rid of these for you. Please be aware that removing them afterwards creates a size mismatch that might not conceal the surface underneath that was not refinished, as well as running the risk of harming the new finish.
  • If your shower has sliding doors, we frequently have to remove them to give us more space to work (except the door tracks), and we typically won't put them back because the glaze is still new, and we don't want to risk damaging it. You or your handyman can reinstall them after the glaze has dried.

Additional Instructions For Occupied Units:

  • When the glaze is being sprayed and for at least 4 hours later, be sure nobody is nearby. The elderly, children, people with impairments, those in remission, and people with respiratory disorders are particularly affected by this. Take the necessary steps to leave your home for longer if you decide the smell is too overpowering. Highly sensitive individuals should plan to spend the night elsewhere so the vapors can dissipate.
  • Before your reglazing service, all pets should be evacuated from your home. The chemicals utilized can make them extremely sensitive. In addition, there's a chance your pet might flee if we have to send the exhaust pipe through a doorway or neighboring window. You are in charge of making sure your pet is safe!
  • Bathrooms: Take out all personal objects, including bottles of toiletries, shower caddies, scrubs, toothbrushes, make-up, shaving equipment, razor blades, etc., from the area that will be reglazed.
  • Kitchens: Dishes, cutlery, dish racks, small appliances, etc., should be removed from countertops and sinks. Fruit and other consumables should be kept in sealed containers or in your refrigerator.

Please be aware that there can be a rescheduling fee if we need to come back to finish the order if your unit is not completely ready. Call us today at White Tub Refinishing for your tub refinishing needs.