Care And Maintenance For Reglazed Surfaces In San Diego


Care And Maintenance For Reglazed Surfaces In San Diego


After your surface has been refinished, wait 48 hours before using it. 

For 48 hours, nothing should be placed on top of the fixture. This will help the new finish to cure, especially the water. 

Remove any remaining paper or masking tape by peeling it off upward and outwardly. Pay close attention to the drain and overflow regions.


It will take seven days to fully recover. Please keep an eye out for the following during this time: 

  • Place no items on the reglazed surface, including bottles, soap, or anything else. 
  • Make sure the faucets are always dry and properly closed at night. 
  • Take a soft sponge and some soap, and gently scrub the finish.


  • Avoid using abrasive cleansers since they will scrape and harm the finish. 
  • Using cleaners containing bleach will harm the surface, making it dull and brittle. 
  • Without a cutting board, never slice anything since the cut marks will be damaged. 
  • Avoid dropping anything that could cause the surface to chip or scratch, such as heavy or sharp objects. 
  • Keep the faucets from dripping. Fixing leaky faucets is necessary to shield the finish from the corrosive effect of continuous water drips, which could cause the surface to discolor, crack, or wear too soon. 
  • Use only non-acidic chemicals (drain openers). The surface must be kept clear of all substances. 
  • Cosmetics, hair dyes, and perfumes should not be used on the surface since they may ruin the finish. 
  • Avoid using rubberized mats or daisy stickers on the bathtub since they will scratch the surface when removed. When heated water is applied to most mats, the finish will react. 
  • Clean the surface using a towel or sponge dampened in soapy water at least once a week. Spray cleaners or spray foam for tubs and tile are the best cleaners for surfaces. 
  • If one or more of the recommendations mentioned above are ignored, our warranty is null and does not apply.

The customer will be responsible for any damage to the finish caused by carelessness as described above, not White Tub Refinishing. Contact us for bathtub refinishing services.