How To Properly Care For Reglazed Bathroom Tiles In San Diego

May 15, 2022 in Near Me

How To Properly Care For Reglazed Bathroom Tiles In San Diego

How To Properly Care For Reglazed Bathroom Tiles In San Diego

It is nevertheless very likely that you can make your bathroom look brand new without having to perform a comprehensive room remodel. Once this initial phase is finished, all that’s left to do is take the necessary care of it to maintain its beauty and durability. 

We’ll provide a brief overview of recommended maintenance procedures for your reglazed bathroom tiles in this article:

When Cleaning

Keep your flooring as smooth and gleaming as you can to keep it appearing like new for many years. You must refrain from doing the following for that to happen: 

  • Harsh abrasive cleansers such as wire brushes, steel wool, and scrubbing pads. 
  • Chemical cleansers include Comet, Soft Scrub, and Ajax, as well as bleaches and ammonia. 
  • Acid-containing products include drain openers and grout cleaners. 

Your reglazed tiles may develop chemical cracks, peel off, or develop a poor appearance if you employ any of these. Here’s what you should do instead of cleaning if you need to: 

  • To prevent grime and soap buildup, frequently clean your bathroom. Clean it after each usage, if you can. 
  • To clean the tiles, combine a light liquid cleanser with water and a soft washcloth or Teflon sponge.

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When Waxing

Your tiles get that sheen and protection from waxing. To make them look fresh new, you must wax them in addition to performing routine cleaning. Think about the following advice: 

  • Waxing should be done once every three months, beginning the third week following reglazing. The state of the tiles determines the frequency. 
  • Wax frequently gathers. Wipe the surface dry and then clean it before putting a new one. 
  • Using a damp cloth, apply a thin layer of wax and gently rub it in a circular motion. 
  • Using a gentle, dry cotton cloth, remove any extra wax. 

What you should remember when using something regularly is as follows: 

Do Not Use Rubber Bath Mats: If you must use a mat in your bathroom, stay clear from anything with suction cups or that is made of rubber. While it can help you avoid slipping, adding hot water to it also has a negative consequence. Instead, use slip-resistant mats that don’t require. 

Do Not Drop Sharp Or Heavy Objects: If you discover a scratch in your tile, get in touch with skilled refinishers right away. If you ignore it, it will eventually start peeling, and water seeps inside. 

Keep Your Personal Care Products Away: Products that leak can harm your tiles, and rust from cans can leave stains on them as well. Use a hanging caddy on your shower, install a product shelf by the tub, or figure out a means to hide your personal care items in a secure, closed area to prevent such occurrences. 

Store Chemical Products Away: Be sure to keep additional chemicals away from the tiles, just like you would with personal care items. Hair colours, perfumes, and other cosmetics can easily harm or discolor your flooring. 

Avoid Too Much Water:  Constant moisture will eventually erode the quality of the finish on your new flooring. Your flooring may develop cracks. As a result, making it more likely that it will deteriorate. If you want to prevent this, ensure leaky faucets are replaced immediately, and always drain and dry the bathtub. Any soap and mineral buildup can be slowed down by routinely drying the tub.


You should always practice regular care and maintenance if you want to enjoy the look of your brand-new bathroom for many years. These actions are simple to carry out. Your reglazed bathroom tiles will remain in mint condition for a very long time as long as you follow the tips listed above. 

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