How To Care For Reglazed Or Refinished Surfaces In San Diego

May 15, 2022 in Near Me

How To Care For Reglazed Or Refinished Surfaces In San Diego

Sink Reglazing San Diego

Instead of replacing their fixtures, people choose to renovate them using less expensive procedures like reglazing or refinishing.

Services for reglazing are always finished in a single day and cost a small fraction of the replacement price. Be prepared to be extra cautious when it comes to caring for and maintaining your surfaces and fixtures if you decide to reglaze them. For reglazed surfaces, several aftercare recommendations are strongly advised.

Avoid The Newly Glazed Area Before It’s Completely Dry

Before using the serviced area, experts advise waiting 24 to 48 hours. You will need to make some preparations and switch to another bathtub as a result. Your surface will last for a very long period and be less susceptible to moisture or dust particles if you let the glaze set.

Clean Surface After It Has Been Set

Despite safety precautions, dust may accumulate on top of the freshly polished surface. Use a soft household cleaner and a non-corrosive sponge to remove the grime, whether it is on a bathtub, vanity, or tile. You’ll have a spotless, sparkling surface thereafter!

Avoid Long-Term Water Accumulation

At no time should water be allowed to collect on the surface. To avoid any water seeping through the glaze, dry the surface with a soft towel or napkin. In addition to endangering the consistency of the surface, moisture buildup promotes the growth of bacteria and mold.

Here Are Some Highly Recommended Dos And Don’ts Of A Newly Glazed Surface:

The Dont’s: 

  • As your glazing specialist directs, refrain from using the area during the allotted time. 
  • Avoid using strong, corrosive, or abrasive substances. Instead, gently cleanse the Surface with mild cleaners and soft cloths or sponges. 
  • Avoid using suction mats to prevent adverse responses and disparities on the new surface. 
  • On the freshly refinished surface, avoid using cleaners, cosmetics, or disinfectants. Color, gloss, and finish irregularities can be brought on by these substances. 

The Dos 

  • Do check to see whether your taps and faucets are prone to leaking. For a freshly glazed surface, moisture loss will lead to numerous issues. 
  • To maintain longevity, don’t forget to wipe the freshly glazed Surface dry after usage. 
  • After the first two weeks of reglazing, wax your freshly reglazed bathtub, vanity, or tiles. After washing and drying the surface, continue waxing every 4-6 months with a thin coating of car wax. 
  • Follow the tips listed above carefully if you want your new urface to last longer, shine more, and be more durable. Your surface will stay spotless for years to come if you follow these maintenance suggestions!

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