Does Your Bathtub Need A Makeover In San Diego?

May 15, 2022 in Near Me

Does Your Bathtub Need A Makeover In San Diego?

Does Your Bathtub Need A Makeover In San Diego?

Do you need to update your bathtub? Are the cracks and the faded color bothering you?

Let’s find out!

Particularly custom-made, vintage, and metal-worked bathtubs are not inexpensive. They are also likely to become breeding grounds for dangerous organisms due to the wetness, which can lead to several skin issues and infections transmitted by water. 

Continue reading to choose the ideal renovation alternative within your price range!

1. Bathtub Reglazing/Refinishing

The most economical way to restore an antique tub’s surface is by reglazing it. Polyester and acid compounds are utilised to repair problems like chips, cracks, and scratches. 

It is cost-effective, increases bathtub use and life, and preserves aesthetics while costing between $300 and $800. This is a fantastic technique to protect old bathtubs for people who own them. This environmentally friendly method is an excellent approach to cutting waste and searching for dangerous substances like lead and makes it a safe procedure to invest in. 

In any case, the only things to be concerned about are post-process cleaning and the scent of the chemicals employed. However, let the experts at White Tub Refinishing handle this; their services are worthwhile, and your bathtub will sparkle like new in no time! 

2. Bathtub Liners

A tub liner is made from PVC or acrylic sheets that are laminated or coated onto the bathtub’s surface. Call us now at White Tub Refinishing for bathtub refinishing services. 

Sadly, the procedure is time-consuming and expensive. Ordering bespoke sheets start at $500, hiring a qualified plumber takes time, and you lose the aesthetic appeal of your bathtub. 

Given that liners are prone to wear and tear, it is only durable, simple to install, and clean for small households when only a few people use them. They readily fracture and split, creating a breeding habitat for mold and mildew.

3. Bathtub Replacement

This choice is for individuals who want to splurge, build a new house, or have a bathtub beyond repair. 

You will spend too much time and money on the process and many fees. It can cost close to $4000 to look for tubs and hire a certified plumber to install the fixtures. Both the installation and maintenance processes take a lot of time. The list of drawbacks is extended by the requirement that you remodel the marble or tiles surrounding your bathtub. 

You’ll undoubtedly spend money on liners and reglazing later to maintain it. 

Only explore this option if you’re thinking about switching out your bathtub for a small shower; otherwise, it’s not worth it. 

So examine your bathtub and determine what it requires. Everyone occasionally needs a break, and a nice soak in the tub is a terrific way to unwind, relax, and feel better!

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