5 Ways To Maintain A Reglazed Bathtub In San Diego

April 18, 2023 in Near Me

5 Ways To Maintain A Reglazed Bathtub In San Diego

5 Ways To Maintain A Reglazed Bathtub In San Diego

5 Ways To Maintain A Reglazed Bathtub In San Diego

5 Ways To Maintain A Reglazed Bathtub In San Diego

Refinishing bathtubs is increasingly becoming the preferred technique for revitalising old fixtures. Did you know that during the restoration process, our experts can even mend the cracks, chips, and dents in your tub? Or that the corrosion is always partially removed before the tub is refinished? Actually, refinishing a tub is a cheap way to keep the quality of your appliance for a long time—and without spending a significant amount. 

What Exactly Does “Reglazing” Mean? 

To understand the cleaning recommendations in the part of the blog post that follows, we must first describe the reglazing process. Many residents are unaware of the steps involved in refinishing and the materials used, so they are unaware of why some cleaning solutions are more effective than others when used on resurfaced tubs. Here is how our experts fix a tub: 

  • Coating

First, a shield is placed around the fastener. The coating and chemicals shouldn’t come into touch with other surfaces (including the wall and floor tiles). 

  • Polishing

The exterior of the tub has been completely polished. To achieve the intended result, we could instead use etching agents. Based on the particular model of bathtub. 

  • Repairing

Any dents, cracks, or chips discovered on the tub’s surface will be repaired by our expert. 

  • Rust Removal

Any rust that is already there will be completely removed before going on to the next step. 

  • Priming

The primer is applied to the tub’s surface, and it is then allowed time to dry. This layer will enable a strong connection between the coating and the container. In other words, after a year or two, the covering won’t begin to flake off. 

An even layer of coating is applied to the tub’s exterior. If necessary, we can add a second covering. Once dried, these layers mimic enamel. In other words, the bathroom will feel and look brand-new. 


How soon after reglazing the tub can I use it? 

A reglazed tub is usually usable 48 to 72 hours after the procedure is finished. However, some restoration companies use materials that dry rapidly and can be used right away. 

How many times can a tub be reglazed? 

The consumer would need to leave their home for a day or two so the house could ventilate correctly because the material used to etch and glaze is quite dangerous. 

How much time does a tub last? 

Depending on the material, bathtubs usually last between ten and thirty years. The lifespan of contemporary, affordably cost bathtubs made of acrylic and fibreglass is 10 to 15 years. It will last significantly longer if a cast-iron tub has been porcelain-enameled, but you will need to restore it every 5 to 15 years. 


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