3 Things To Expect After Refinishing Bathtub In San Diego

October 10, 2022 in Near Me

3 Things To Expect After Refinishing Bathtub In San Diego

3 Things To Expect After Refinishing Bathtub In San Diego

3 Things To Expect After Refinishing Bathtub In San Diego

3 Things To Expect After Refinishing Bathtub In San Diego What, though, can you anticipate from a refinishing process? Will your shower look like it just came out of the box? Of course, that relies on the specialist performing the treatment. For instance, our experts are licensed and covered by insurance. You can be sure that they will execute a great job because they have more than 10 years of industry expertise. It’s certain that the shower cubicle will soon appear as good as new. 
  • No Waste Removal

Since there is no building work required, as we already said, there is no waste removal fee. If the work calls for us to remove the grout, our crew can also assist you with regrouting. Additionally, our specialists constantly cover all the additional fixtures to ensure that the chemicals and reglazing solutions do not come in contact with them. 
  •  No DIY

This is one of the inquiries we get via email the most. Can you perform a reglazing process on your own? Although there are a lot of DIY bathtub refinishing kits available, they are not expert solutions. They simply won’t endure the test of time, and in a year or two, the glaze will start to change color and even peel off. 
  • Only Professionals In The Field

A professional who is skilled in his field should be hired to ensure that you get the greatest outcomes. For more than ten years, our business has offered fixture reglazing services.  After we reglaze your shower stall, you may anticipate it to last an additional 7 or 8 years in good condition. Additionally, you can save thousands of dollars because you just pay a small portion of the cost of a full replacement.


How Soon Can You Use A Tub That Has Been Refinished? 

After the process is complete, a reglazed tub is typically ready for use 48 to 72 hours afterward. However, some restoration businesses employ products that dry quickly and are usable in just 24 hours. Some companies can even provide you with a 4-hour cure treatment so you may use your tub the same day. 

How Often Can A Tub’s Surface Be Replaced? 

Such multiple treatments of refinishing cannot be continuously repeated. In the best-case scenario, refinishing is considered a temporary remedy, and the most you can fairly expect to apply is two refinishing coatings. 

Reglazed Tubs, Are They Slippery? 

Refinished bathtub surfaces may be slightly more slippery than your bathtub’s original surface. When we refinish/reglaze your bathtubs and showers, White Tub Refinishing also includes a non-slip surface as an added feature. White Tub Refinishing’s excellent restoration services have been trusted by thousands of homeowners and business owners to give their fixtures and tiles a fresh new look. Call us today at (619) 777-572!


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