3 Reasons Why You Should Reglaze Your Tub In San Diego

January 9, 2023 in Near Me

3 Reasons Why You Should Reglaze Your Tub In San Diego

3 Methods To Resurface An Old Tub In San Diego

3 Reasons Why You Should Reglaze Your Tub In San Diego

3 Methods To Resurface An Old Tub In San Diego

You’ve probably heard of professional reglazing services. Reglazing, often known as tub refinishing, is a relatively simple procedure used to restore a bathtub to its former beauty. The coating will be completely taken off and replaced with a new one. 

Ultimately, refinishing a tub is a quick and simple way to enhance your bathroom’s appearance. How do you know when the tub has to be reglazed, though? What alerts you that the glazing on your bathtub needs to be updated? 

Chips typically cover the surface of frequently used tubs. Anything that strikes the surface of the tub, especially the showerhead, could severely chip it. 

Discoloration Of The Tub: Stains frequently appear in old bathtubs. The covering appears to be deteriorating. Even worse, the tub can turn brownish-yellow or grey.  Apply reglazing material.

Inability To Clean The Bathtub: The damaged glazing commonly causes this. As time passes, dirt and grime will adhere to the surface of the tub and become more difficult to remove. Your bathroom may look drab if the bathtub is bland. However, the same cannot be said for your antiquated, worn-out tub. Maybe it’s time for a change. 

Old-Fashioned Bathroom Appearance: If you recently purchased a new home, you might not like what you see in the bathroom because you don’t like the colour of the tub. Don’t worry; our experts can change the tub’s colour during the reglazing procedure. 

Final Points To Think About 

By reglazing a bathtub rather than replacing it, you can save a lot of money and keep your home from needing any construction work. But remember to leave the glaze a week or more to cure. Throughout this time, you should simply clean the tub with water and a gentle sponge. Even after the healing period has concluded, avoid using any harsh cleaning chemicals (or cleaners that contain ammonia). 


Is It A Good Idea To Do Bathtub Reglazing? 

If your current bathtub is generally in good shape but has a few minor stains, scratches, or other surface imperfections, reglazing is a good choice. 

How Long Does A Tub Need To Be Reglazed? 

Weekly cleaning and maintenance is required to ensure that moisture and unfavourable elements like mould don’t erode your bathtub’s finish and perhaps cause damage. If you take proper care of your reglaze, it will last 10 to 15 years. 

How Do You Know If Your Bathtub Needs Reglazing Or Bath Refinishing? 

  1. There is one area of chipped finish. Glaze chips could come off the tub if a big object runs into it or falls into it. 
  2. The tub’s colour has altered. 
  3. There is no sparkle in the bathtub. 

Simply put, the tub won’t get clean. 


If you follow this instructions, your newly coated bathtub should continue to function flawlessly for 7 to 10 more years. It is undoubtedly better to pay for a replacement tub for your bathroom and dispose of the old one in a landfill (plus installation and waste removal costs). If you need bath refinishing or bathtub reglazing, give White Tub Refinishing a call for great refinishing services!

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