3 Reasons For Bathtub Reglazing In San Diego

November 7, 2022 in Near Me

3 Reasons For Bathtub Reglazing In San Diego

3 Reasons For Bathtub Reglazing In San Diego

3 Reasons For Bathtub Reglazing In San Diego

3 Reasons For Bathtub Reglazing In San Diego

Bathtub Reglazing Is Required When Peeling: If your bathtub has noticeable peeling, bathtub reglazing may be required. Peeling markings most frequently appear when the chemical bond is compromised as a result of the tub having been incorrectly reglazed. Peeling marks essentially represent paint that is gradually peeling off the tub and will only become worse. It is crucial to strip and resurface your bathtub as quickly as possible, especially if you have children, to prevent them from ingesting paint chips or getting cut by flaky resurfacing material. 

  1. Reglazing A Bathtub After Chips

If the porcelain surface of your bathtub has chips, bathtub glazing may be required. The porcelain is razor-sharp and will chip off in clumps. Your tub chipping issues will be resolved by bathtub reglazing. To prevent any rust stains or further wear and tear on the surface, it is preferable to have your tub professionally reglazed. 

  • No Longer Shiny

If your tub lacks sparkle, reglazing it can be the perfect answer. Your bathtub’s surface will get a fresh shine after being reglazed. 

When the color of the tub changes, reglazing the bathtub is required, if you want to get rid of your old pink, blue, green, or red tub, bathtub reglazing is the perfect solution for you, provided it is done properly. 

  • Re-Enameling:

Bathtub refinishing, often referred to as bathtub resurfacing, reglazing, or re-enameling is the process of restoring a worn-out, damaged bathtub’s surface to a like-new state. Usually, this step includes fixing any broken parts. Bondo or another kind of polyester putty is used to patch up chips or cracks. The surface is prepared with an acid etching after repairs are completed. Mechanical adhesion is provided by etching. Fiberglass, porcelain, and enamel tubs are non-porous and do not make a strong base for the new coating to adhere to. In order to facilitate adequate adhesion, the surface should be etched to create a porous surface. 


Should I Wait Before Using The New Surface?

You should wait approximately 48 hours to ensure the materials cure and harden completely. Better to wait too long than not wait long enough and risk messing up the job that you just had done.

Do I Have To Do Anything Before The Technician Starts Working?

Absolutely. First, repair all loose tiles, grout, and leaky faucets before refinishing. Secondly, remove any toiletries and decorations from your bathroom. Finally, remove the rugs and shower curtains to maximize the safety of our employees. Ideally, the bathroom should be dry, clean, and have plenty of space for the technician to work.

How Long Will The New Finish Last?

When following the steps below for proper care, your new refinishing should last a decade, if not longer.

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