3 Expectations Following Bathroom Refinishing In San Diego

April 4, 2023 in Near Me

3 Expectations Following Bathroom Refinishing In San Diego

3 Expectations Following Bathroom Refinishing In San Diego

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3 Expectations Following Bathroom Refinishing In San Diego

But what can you expect from the cleaning procedure? Will your bathroom appear to have just been unpacked? Naturally, that depends on the expert providing the care. For instance, our specialists have the appropriate credentials and protection. They have more than 10 years of industry experience, so you can be sure they will do a fantastic work. The bathroom enclosure will undoubtedly soon look brand new. 

  • Unremoved Garbage 

There is no charge for waste disposal because, as we previously stated, no construction work is necessary. Our team can help you with regrouting if the job requires us to remove the grout. In order to prevent the chemicals and reglazing solutions from coming into touch with the additional fixtures, our specialists also continuously cover them. 

  • No Construction 

One of the most common emails we receive is about this. Are you capable of reglazing on your own? Although DIY refinishing kits are widely accessible, they are not professional options. They simply won’t hold up over time, and the glaze will start to change colour and even flake off in a year or two. 

  • Only Experts In The Subject 

To guarantee that you get the best results, you should employ a specialist who is knowledgeable in their area of expertise. Our company has been providing fitting reglazing services for more than ten years. 

You can expect your shower stall to continue functioning properly for an extra 7 or 8 years after we have reglazed it. Additionally, because you only pay a small percentage of the price of a complete replacement, you can save thousands of dollars. 


How Soon Can You Use A Refinished Bathtub? 

A reglazed tub is usually usable 48 to 72 hours after the procedure is finished. However, some restoration companies use materials that dry rapidly and can be used right away. Some businesses will even give you a 4-hour cure so you can use your pool that same day. 

How Frequently Can The Cover Of A Tub Be Replaced? 

It is impossible to repeatedly refinish with such numerous procedures. Refinishing is only intended to be a temporary fix in the best-case situation, and you should only apply two refinishing coatings at most. 

Are Reglazed Bathtubs Slippery? 

Surfaces of refinished bathtubs might be a little bit more slippery than those of your bathtub’s initial finish. White Tub Refinishing adds a non-slip surface as an extra feature when we refinish/reglaze your baths and showers. 


Thousands of homeowners and company owners have relied on White Tub Refinishing’s excellent restoration services to give their fixtures and tiles a brand-new appearance. Contact us at (619) 777-572 right away!

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